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What to Know When Hiring a Roofing Contractor in Kingstree, SC

Every homeowner will be hiring a roofing contractor at some point, whether it’s to repair roof damage after a big storm or install a brand-new roof. Finding the right contractor is easier if you know how to search for one who can meet your needs. However, be careful not to choose someone inexperienced if you don’t want to waste money on subpar service.

Below, we will go over a few things to keep in mind before scheduling a local contractor for roof repair in Kingstree, SC. The last thing you want to do is immediately hire the first contractor you call. So, once you know how to identify an experienced contractor, why not reach out to Santee Roofing for residential or commercial roofing service?

Do These Things Before Hiring Anyone To Work on Your Roof

Ask Friends and Neighbors

Whether you ask in an online group or at your next HOA meeting, you’re bound to get a few word-of-mouth recommendations from people in your area. Pay attention to both good and bad feedback, and start your search by researching the contractors they recommend. Word-of-mouth was, and still is, the best way to find reliable service providers.

Find a Fully Insured Contractor

A reputable contractor provides workers’ compensation insurance and liability coverage for their employees. If they don’t, you could end up responsible for medical bills if a roofer gets hurt while on your property. Don’t rely on your homeowners’ insurance; it may not cover accidents.

Ensure They Provide The Roofing Service You Need

The best roofing contractor for your home depends on what you need. When searching for local contractors, think of what specific type of roofing you need, and ensure they have experience in that area. 

Homes with roofs installed prior to 1980 typically contain asbestos. If you would like to replace the roof with safer, newer materials, choose a contractor who is comfortable handling asbestos without causing a safety risk.

Get a Detailed Estimate

Before hiring a roofing contractor, ask for a detailed estimate. It should include materials, labor, and the timeline for installation. Discuss any other concerns during the estimate, like their methods of removing old roofing materials, maintaining a moss-free roof, and what they do to avoid destroying your lawn during the removal and installation process.

 Experienced roofing contractors should have no problem providing written estimates.

Ask About Their Warranty

Always ask about warranty coverage before signing a contract. Discuss the manufacturer’s warranty, which covers the roofing materials, and the roofer’s warranty, which covers everything that their company provides. 

Keep in mind that if a contractor offers an extended warranty, the overall service cost will increase.

Do They Contract Out Their Work?

Many roofing businesses use subcontractors if they take on more work than they can handle. If that’s the case, you may sign a contract thinking you’ll receive service from the contractor you met with and end up with an unlicensed subcontractor. 

It’s not necessarily a bad thing if a business uses subcontractors. However, a reputable company should always provide information about their subcontractors and ensure they have the full licensing requirements to operate on your property and within the state.

Read Online Reviews

Reviews can say everything about a business. Why not read recent reviews to determine whether a contractor provides the quality service your roof needs? 

As you read reviews, keep in mind that people are more likely to leave a review if they’re upset. For every bad review, there are probably three or four satisfied customers who didn’t think to leave a five-star review.

Ask For References

An experienced contractor has no problem providing references from recent clients who loved their work. If you ask for references and they aren’t willing to provide them, think twice before you decide to move forward with signing a contract.

Reliable Roofing Contractor in Kingstree

When you hire a roofing contractor, you want to feel confident that you have chosen a reliable business. If they provide the exact service you need and are pedantic about roofing contractor qualifications and written estimates, you could have the perfect fit for your roof. 

If you’re hiring a roofing contractor in Kingstree, South Carolina, it can feel intimidating. But whether you need a new roof or just need to replace a few missing shingles, Santee Roofing can help. Call us for a free estimate for service in Kingstree and the surrounding areas, or fill out the online contact form to schedule a service request.

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