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Fixing a Roof Leak in Your Kingstree Home: How Pros Do It

Fixing a roof leak is no easy task, especially for Kingstree homeowners without any experience or equipment. However, the experts at Santee Roofing are here to explain how they handle this common type of roof repair in Kingstree, SC. Discover all of their tips and tricks for getting a roof in excellent condition. 

Identify the Leak 

The first thing you need to do before moving ahead with roof repairs is to identify the leak. Is there suddenly water dripping from your ceiling? Are unsightly water stains taking over your walls or causing paint to peel? 

These are easy, no-cost ways to find a roof leak. Pinpoint every place in your home with evidence of a leak and make note of it. Fixing a leaking roof is much easier when you can identify the area that moisture is seeping into. 

A simple trick for detecting the leaky area of your roof is to take a garden hose and run it along various points where there is indoor water damage. This two-person job involves one person moving the hose around the roof and another helper watching for leaks inside. Within a few minutes, you'll likely find the exact spot where water seeps through your roof. 

Remove Pressure Within Your Ceiling

If you see a large bulge coming out of your ceiling, there's a large amount of water building up within that spot. Prepare the area by removing all items and furniture out of the way and placing a tarp and bucket beneath the bulging spot. You should then take a screwdriver and gently poke a hole along the lowest-hanging spot.  

Relieving the water pressure building up in your ceiling protects your home from further damage, especially since the water could spread to other spots. After you mitigate damage within your Kingstree home, you can head outside to start fixing a roof leak. 

Patch Any Holes Along the Roof

A standard shingle roof can obtain holes in a number of places, including:

  • Along the chimney flashing
  • Through dormer walls and missing siding
  • Along the step flashing
  • At the base of plumbing vents

Fixing a roof leak in Kingstree will ultimately depend on the location of the hole. For example, the base of your plumbing vent could crack or have broken seams. This piece, also known as the boot, might be in good shape but missing a screw that secures it to the roof. 

Depending on the damage, you will either need to replace the boot or simply screw it back into your roof. If you have a metal roofing system, use rubber-washed screws to secure the boot in place.

Experts advise against using caulk as a one-size-fits-all solution. Caulk is only a temporary fix that doesn't address the underlying reason for the leak. Whenever possible, try to address the mechanics of the leak by replacing any damaged materials. 

Tarp the Roof

If you're unsure how to fix the leak, the next best thing you can do to minimize damage is to place a tarp over your roof. A tarp will cover the affected area and prevent the elements from causing any more damage. 

Make sure to get a tarp that is at least six millimeters thick and large enough to cover at least four feet of the leaky area. You can use roofing nails to secure the tarp and block any water from getting underneath it. 

Call a Professional 

The final thing you can do if you need help fixing a roof leak is to call a local roofing company. Experts have all of the necessary equipment to repair any size leak, as well as heavy-duty roof sealants that will prevent future problems.

After professionals patch your roof, make sure you conduct routine roof maintenance going forward. Regular inspections will help you identify problems before they escalate so you face minimal damage. 

Receive Professional Roofing Service in Kingstree, SC

If you need help fixing a roof leak, reach out to Kingstree's number-one roofing company. The specialists at Santee Roofing offer roof replacement, repairs, inspections, and much more. Give them a call today to schedule an appointment, learn about the cost to find a roof leak, and keep your roof looking brand-new. 

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